Our Stitching unit consists of Plain, Flat lock, over lock, Bind, Gathering. Power singers, Lace works Button hole machines, Press Button Machines, Smocking Machine, Rib Cutting Machine, Net Folding Machine. We use the most modern and single needled machines which produce in large volume. Our stitching unit has a strong work force of skilled persons. Our Assembly line consists of both Automated and Manual machines which has been designed to provide the required quality.

Whether the Stitching run numbers in millions or as low in hundreds, our goal is to get it done fast. It is a process that requires a high degree of dexterity and astute precision. To ensure this, we have a team of skilled personnel who work towards stitching perfection. We have more than 2500 imported sewing machines. What sets us apart, is our 40 production lines maintained as per the guidance of Kurt Salmon Associates, the renowned global Management Consultancy.

Stitching is the key production area of Hi Fashion garment manufacturing.

1. Flat Lock :

For Chain stitch, hemming, seam cover, etc

2. Over Lock :

For over edging with additional option for elastic inserting. Lockers, Singers, overlocks and Flat lock machine capable of a variety of stitches both for quality and style