Quality Policy

Elite Garments has a good quality policy ensured by veteran officers based on standards of leading garment importer. A successful shipment followed by satisfactory sales is vital for the flourishment of both suppliers and sellers in the competitive garment markets. Elite Garments knows this well and ensures excellent quality control practices. All our suppliers are also in garment business for over 5 years and have evolved good manufacturer practices.

  • Style & Fit Approvals & Size-Set Approval
  • Colour Consistency Shade & Fastness Approval
  • Certification Requirements & Accessories Approval
  • Pre / Mid Inspection & Final Inspections

Style and Fit and Size Set sampling by Elite Garments personals ensures a good

production plan to output exact requirement of our buyers. Both raw material and accessories are tested in advance for constructional, colour shade, fastness and durability. Print, Embroidery and other value additions are also verified in size set and quality parameters are set. Continuous monitoring on daily basis of the production from Fabric to Packing is undertaken. Mid inspections are conducted at important stages of productions.

Daily production status is supplied to buyers.In Dzire Trends our quality team will have almost 100% supervision of total quantity to due daily monitoring. Final inspection will therefore be preplanned to cover all aspects in ensuring a good quality shipment. We closely monitor orders from the moment of sampling to the time of shipment. We provide updated status on sampling, production and shipment to our buyers on a regular basis. A proactive approach is maintained towards the identification of problem areas and immediate application of corrective measures to ensure timely delivery of products.