The finished garment is then subject to a through check by skilled supervisors, even the smallest defect is not overlooked. Checking is to trim all extra threads and also checks for stains and holes. We have modern Trimmer Machines.

The manufactured garments are checked by our skilled workers. They make sure the quality of the garments is satisfactory and meets the international standards. Technologically advanced machinery from Europe and Asia operated by experienced personnel guarantees a consistently high standard of production. All manufacturing units use hanging conveyor systems and have dust-free production environments. Elite Garments has a capacity of 10,000 pieces of basic styles per day.

Combining the best craftsmanship and contemporary machinery like Lectra, Gerber and Tuka Tech Automatic, a high degree of precision in cutting is achieved. A strong Infrastructure enables us to meet the customers requirements even before the proposed deadline. We are also capable & handling VMI (Vendor Management Inventory), Automatic Reordering system (AROS) and shorter lead time programs.